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Liver disease

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What is Liver disease?

Liver disease is a kind of illness that occurs because of liver function disturbance. The liver plays a significant role in performing lots of important functions within the body and when it is not working properly; your overall health is going to suffer.

Causes of Liver disease

Some of the common causes of hepatic disease are mentioned below:

  • Inflammed cells
  • Obstruction in bite flow
  • Accumulation of cholesterol
  • There is going to be some obstruction in the blood flow to the liver
  • Liver tissue damage by minerals and chemicals
  • Alcohol abuse

Medications for Liver disease

With regard to medications, it is quite important that you follow the directions of your health care provider as over dose of certain medications can cause liver disease.

Prevention of Liver disease

Alcohol abuse is one of the main reasons responsible for liver disease. By consuming alcohol in limit, you can reduce the chances of alcohol-related hepatic disease. To reduce the risk of Hepatitis B and C, stay away from other individuals bodily fluids. To prevent fatty liver disease, you need to follow healthy lifestyle patterns including exercise and well balanced diet. If you are overweight, you are more prone to liver disease.

Risk factors of Liver disease

You need to be very careful when taking medications for hepatic disease. For example, taking overdose of acetaminophen can cause permanent liver failure. Statin medications which are used for controlling elevated cholesterol level can cause liver inflammation. Your liver will start functioning properly once you stop taking statin medications. There are lots of other medications that may cause liver inflammation, including antibiotics like nitrofurantoin and tetracycline.

There are few liver diseases that you can prevent and are linked up with your lifestyle routines. For example, Hepatitis B and C are viral infections that make it presence felt through the bodily fluids exchange. Chemical exposure can be quite irritating for your liver giving rise to inflammation and reduced liver bite flow.

Quite a number of times, the hepatic disease onset are pretty much gradual and you are not going to experience any symptom which causes delay in taking medical care. If you are suffering from continuous fever and your skin has become yellow, make sure that you contact your health care provider immediately.

Symptoms of Liver disease

Some of the common symptoms of liver disease are mentioned below:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Jaundice
  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Bruising may arise because of reduced production of clotting factors
  • Itching

Treatment for Liver disease

Each liver disease has its own set of treatment routine. For example, hepatitis A needs supportive care so that the immune system of your body does not give up. On the other hand, individuals with gallstones may need surgery.

If you are suffering from cirrhosis, you will require medications in order to control the protein amount in your diet. In cirrhosis, your liver will not be able to metabolize the waste products. Because of this, your blood ammonia levels are going to increase. To reduce water retention, you may need water pills alongside low sodium diet. For the treatment of portal hypertension you may require operation. Liver transplantation is the final option for people whose liver is not functioning properly.

Types of Liver disease

Cirrhosis: It is a late stage liver disease in which your liver will not function properly.

Drug-induced liver disease: In this disease, your liver cells are going to be damaged permanently because of exposure to medications or drugs. The overdose of certain drugs can lead to a liver injury while some can damage your liver even when you take it in exactly the same way as prescribed by your health care provider.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Fat accumulation within the liver can have a negative impact on the functioning of your liver.